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Puri, Odisha

Have you ever experienced  Bay Of Bengal?
The violent, mighty yet admirable Bay.
If not then Puri is a must visit the place to indulge yourself in the most joyous experience of all the time.
Whether it be a family holiday or a runaway from the grueling schedule in search of leisure, Puri is well known for all.
Puri located in the eastern region in our Indian map in the State of Odisha. It is 60 km from the state capital, Bhubaneshwar.

Puri has favorable climate all the year round.
Each season holds clashing beauty.
Summer: Gives you burning feet sensation by the sandy beach while the cool mesmerizing sea water rejuvenates you.
Rainy: The best feeling is when you stay inside water and its start drizzling from the blue sky, the excitement would be unexplainable.
Autumn: With the favorable ambiance accompanied by high tides and low tides gives you an outlook for something rather memorable experience.
Winter: If you want to go for sight scene then this is the best time period.


Puri has a rich source of connectivity with other states. It has multiple numbers of trains and national and international flights facilities. Via train will drop you at Puri Station and Via flight, it’ll land up in Bhubaneshwar airport.


  • Replace your spa treatment with the rejuvenating long hours’ sea bath
  • The famous Jagannath Temple
  • Sun Temple, Konark
  • Nandan Kanan(don’t miss)

When you’re in Puri, don’t forget to eat the famous crunchy sweet “Purir Khaja”.


 Jagannath Temple, Puri

Nandan Kanan

Sun Temple,Konark


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