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Packing Essentials

Packing essentials vary from person to person. but here’s a list of must-carry items which shouldn’t be ignored while traveling.

1. Double Shoulder bag(large capacity)

Many tourists may prefer designer sling bags for travels but those bags cannot carry much stuff as these kinda bags can do. It can hold all your essentials at one go. Moreover carrying a single shoulder bag or crossed bag can cause pain in your shoulder for the burden in it so double shoulder bag is the best thing to maximize the space for your essentials without damaging your muscles.
American Tourister Rave Sch Bag 03 29 L Backpack.


2. Mobile and it’s accessories


No one leaves their apartment without a cell phone/charger/earphones/power banks.

3. Id proof



No matter where you go, you must carry identity proof with you. It can be anything from the above-mentioned options.

4. Water bottles



It is very sure that none of us wants to get ill while traveling by drinking open water running here and there. So it’s always essential to carry your own water bottle. In case it becomes emptied then buy a sealed bottle from any good store. Because none of us can compromise with our health.

5. Medicines



Many people suffer from traveling sickness especially motion sickness. Or some people suffer from a change in atmosphere or water so medicine is must carry.

6. Books



Don’t be afraid by seeing it. You don’t have to carry your textbook or subject book on your tour. A story will feed the need. You may get bored by long flight or train so in spite of diving inside your electronic gadgets it will be better if you dive into any storybook of your choice.

7. make up on the go


 One thing you should keep in your mind that is never overdo with your make up while traveling. a simple updo can give you an attractive look. A compact, a sunscreen, and lipstick of your choice are enough for your picture-perfect look but try to choose light colored shades.
maybelline-white-super-fresh-compact to get exciting offers on your favorite makeup brands and travels pouches.


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