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About me

Hello everyone, Myself Anirnita, yet not a professional travel blogger but travelling is a part of my life. I usually travel with my family and also sometimes local solo travel. Belonging to a conservative family I’m not allowed to travel solo far away but I’m allowed to venture in my own town. I hardly take a day or an hour to plan where to go…how to go for me. 

You guys may think that it’s a bluff but it’s true. 👀

From historical minarets to lavish hotels, from budget-friendly restaurants to mouth licking street foods, from the hill to valleys, from magnificent mountains to vibrant sea, know everything about your interest. 

Every year sometimes once or twice I set up tickets and pack my bags run out from my daily life. 

Meeting new people, talking to them, dressing like them, eating like them, walking like them, sometimes try to think like them too…😉😉

 Travelling widens my vision of reading the world and a takeaway to far away land.

Travelling makes me modest, it compels me to contemplate that what a tiny place we’ve occupied in this vast world. For me travelling is not “only” clicking shots and posting it on social media but something to idolize.

 I hope that my blog fuel your wanderlust and also helps you know a place well before you plan to go.


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