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Boost yourself for the energetic Banjhakri Falls

Water is such an element that always upgrades my energy level and revitalizes my mood. Nothing can hold me back behind if there’s something magnificent as this.

banjhakrifall,jhakri fall
Banjhakri Falls

The sound of the water is hearable few kilometres apart. It’s a short way walk from the parking to The Jhakri falls.

Located at a distance of 7 km from  Gangtok is a popular tourist attraction.

The park’s statuary and others display a document on the traditional shamanic healer who worships spirits living in caves and around a forest. The name BanJhakri was derived from the Nepali language where ban means forest and jhakri means healer.
The fall was hidden behind a forest land and now it’s cleared and received the honour to be one of the theme parks and also to imbibe the history of shamanic traditions.

The place can be enjoyed best around 1o’clock to 2o’clock in the afternoon because the inclination of the sun at a certain angle invokes the formation of an enchanting water rainbow.
The origination the rainbow is vague but it terminates clearly into green water of the fall.

water rainbow in Banjhakri Falls
Water rainbow

Though the temperature was around 18-degree Celcius still I didn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the splashes of the mesmerizing Jhakri fall.

Chilled water and fresh water is enough to elevate someone’s mood.

If the weather would be a bit warmer then I would’ve surely taken a shower under the magnificent Banjhakri fall.

The height of the fall is not so huge. The top can be easily located but the force of its fall is violent enough to break out everything that comes its way.

Consisting of an adventure park, food court and parking facility, this theme park is a perfect place for family time and for hanging out with friends.

Unique species of flower in BanJhakri
Unique species of flower in BanJhakri

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