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Is it good idea to visit Tsomgo lake in October ?

“A lake is the landscape’s most expressive and beautiful feature. it is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” — Henry David Thoreau.

The Tsomgo Lake of Gangtok, East Sikkim holds the perfect sit for the quote. Guarded by high mountains from all the sides, lay the pristine lake at an altitude of 3,753 meters and it is 40 km from the capital Gangtok. The temperature ranges from 4 degrees Celcius to 3 degrees Celcius.

The story behind Tsomgo lake

The name TSOMGO or TSO GO meaning “above the lake” was given by the yak herders. The old folktale says that the lake was in a place called Laten in olden times and the place where the lake is today was actually a “Goth” (cattle shed) where the herders kept their yaks. One night an old woman in her dreams was told to leave the place soon as it would be filled with water. The next morning she warned all her herder friends but they refused to believe her. she left the village and as she left she saw a lady with flowing hair, believed to be the Guardian Deity of the lake enter the valley and soon the place was filled with water and Tsomgo lake was formed. The other herders however perished in the waters along with the herds of yak.
The lake is today worshipped by people and there are religious offering by the people during “Guru Poornima”.
Source of the above story 
The above story I learned from the board placed near the lakeside. 

Now coming to the main question: Is it a good idea to visit Tsomgo lake In October?

The lake remains frozen around December to February. Giving you ample opportunity to witness the glassy side of the lake. 
But, the lake in the rest of the year, especially in October, exhibits the true color of it’s beauty. 
tsomgo lake in october
Tsomgo Lake
The large waterbody surely is the habitat of a large number of aquatic life. 
But the lake is too humble to be sure of the former’s presence.

Activities to do:

The area of 24.47 hectares comes under the region of Tsomgo lake.
The two main activities offered:
  • Yak safari :

The yaks are beautifully decorated and made available for the tourist for a ride at a cost of rupees 350 per person.

  • Ropeway
If you’re a lover of adventure as well as nature then ropeway is the best gift that you can gift yourself. It takes you high above the ground level and gives complete geographic details of the area. The ropeway is at an elevation of 13000 feet above mean sea level. This is worth a ride.
The ropeway takes you to a station and you can spend time as long as you want.
Fresh air, freezy wind rejuvenates and lift up your excitement at the topmost

lake tsomgo from ropeway
Lake Tsomgo from the ropeway

The view of the magnificent Kanchenjunga From the station of Ropeway.

At this point in my trip, I was willing to shout out loud 

“I’m the queen of the world”

Top of everyone and in view of the total scenario was giving me sparks through my nerves. If you ever Tsomgo lake then you must try out Ropeway, and those who’ve already been but missed this then you’re the unlucky one. 
Because where on earth you’ll get the view of the cloud touching the ground?

We usually talk about the wonders of the world and the best one being the Taj Mahal( for more details check out: Unfold the history of Mughals, Agra )

But, Tsomgo Lake is a perfect scenario to be captioned with the tagline ” WONDERS OF NATURE”


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