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How to Spend Your New Year Eve Alone?

Well, I know how it feels to sit at home and sipping onto your coffee when the world out there is in a mood of celebration of there upcoming new year. I know you may be thinking that: “Hey what’s got into her? She writing what? “

I usually don’t write a blog on these topics but it’s not unnatural to write a blog on this niche. Because I believe that the new year is the best way to explain Travel. Know why? Coz, After traveling a huge year of 365 days you’re stepping forward for another tour and just like the former one you’ll sail well on this journey also. Every year is a journey, journey of time, of internal growth, progress and whatsoever.

Each year I always had a plan to bash the party floor but unfortunately couldn’t make it this year. I’m damn bored and not getting any escaped. Coz I’m grounded. So I decided to use up my disadvantage to my advantage.

Now, what made me to write up the blog ?

When I decided to employ my time, with a sudden blink I thought that why not to share what am I up to coz I’m pretty sure that there’re so many are like me who for some reason couldn’t make it out. So, for them: Hey !!! Cheer Up… I brought some wonderful tips to kill the boredom around you.

Each year goes leaving bountiful thoughts to cherish, sometimes unforgettable mistakes that can’t be healed, sometimes losing someone special while sometimes getting just the special one, someone hoping for reliving what they’ve lost and someone wishing to live what they fancied of for so long. With a basket full of rememberings and wishes, one year departs leaving a gap for the following year to refill.

2019 is very special for me. Know why? Coz I’m on my way to complete a phase of my life and step towards another. Yes, I’m Graduating this year and will be starting my job life. I still remember the first day I came to college. I was afraid of not being in college but the thought: What if I’m unable to make friends? What if I got into some racket ?? But, I succeeded it. Going to be introduced to another set of strangers in my work field.

Okay…lots of mumbo-jumbo. Let’s jump to the point. You can easily delete the lethargic feeling of loneliness by following up the following killing techniques:

1. The First Step

Ahhh !! I know it’s a huge first step that I’m gonna tell. But, I HAVE TO. Snooze your phone. Yes. You’ve to. You don’t wanna get distracted by all the pings and tings tone of your phone to destroy your ideal outlook to celebrate your new year. I know, you know, come on we all know what kinda post and messages we’ll receive on the last day of the year. So, it’s better to keep those asides because you have much more important agendas. So, it won’t be smart enough to surf in the world of social networking.

2. Let’s begin with Tidiness

Just like you, your house also has gone through a lot this year. She also needs some relaxation and rejuvenation but unfortunately cannot afford spa treatment. Lols… So, clean up the floors, kitchen tiles, window panes, clean the curtains, do the bed and set all pillows positioned. Do the undone task and make sure that there’s no pest or insects celebrating their new year’s party in your storeroom.

3. Redecorate Your apartment

It’s quite obvious that we all decorated our home at Christmas. So, rather than sticking onto it, why not we do little modifications? You don’t wanna exhibit your inactivity in front of your next-door-neighbor, friends, and relatives. You too wanna make them jealous by your decoration. They should also believe: Ohh!! Gosh..this person is so spontaneous!! and lively. While others are busy partying why not you utilize the time renovating your own house with same Christmas tree but different Ornaments, Tinsel, Tree skirt, Tree Stand, Multiple strings of light, Fresh Poinsettias, Artificial Garlands for mantels and staircase banisters, Natural accents like pinecones to place on the table or cranberries to nestle around pillar candles, wide ribbons for tying garland,stockings, Scented candles, holiday lines(tablecloth, napkins),wreath for the front door,string lights for decorating outdoors,lawn figures and a holiday flag. Maybe you’ve missed out some off it that you wished to but you can just add it up to new modification idea.

4. New year gifts packing

The most awaited and exceptional for everyone is the CHRISTMAS GIFT. No ones wanna miss, we buy gifts for our loved ones and the one whom we think that the person holds a vital position in our life. But, how it would be like surprising them with New Year Gift. As vacation gets over we get so busy in our regular grueling schedule we hardly get a chance to wrap up perfectly our gifts. The wrapping should be always perfect because that’s the main attraction to someone eyes. So, rather than going for artificial cheap packing use your unique decorating ideas to wrap your stuff.

5. Cards Making

Words are the best way to reproduce one’s feelings. Due to the growth of social media, we are overlooking the tradition of distributing cards to our folks. Initially, in our school days, we used to count the number of cards we get and check out the list who’ll receive the card, we write our heartiest feelings and greetings for them. But now it all deduced to few texts in our messenger and WhatsApp. So, why don’t you take the first step ahead to the long lost tradition and reveal your modern feeling in a traditional way? Everyone will love it.

6. Prepare Dinner for yourself

It’s said that the way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. So, before pleasing someone else’s tummy why not you please yours? Go through cooking videos on youtube, check out food blogs and you may also try out tasty Asian recipe book or you just create something special for yourself.

7. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

There’s no such machine that can measure the craze of ours for clothes. If we have money we buy it if it catches our eyes and if you don’t have money we enjoy window shopping. No matter what happens we don’t give up on our dresses. But, there’s a sad truth behind this that as year pass most of our dresses either losses it’s fabulousness or it doesn’t fit us anymore. So, it’s better to check out all our dresses and upgrade it as per as necessary so that we don’t fall into any stress at the time getting ready. We can give away the clothes that don’t fit us to someone poor in this way we can kickstart our new year with compassion and generosity, or we can alter the dress that has got damaged in it. Or perhaps remove the wine stain from your favorite white dress.

8. Pamper yourself

Well, You must agree that there’s a lot that has been gone through you this year. You also need pampering. Every machine needs to be oiled so as our body. It’s not less than any machine all this time. You should give them some ease. Have a hot bath, do facial, massage your hands and legs. Listen to mind soothing music.

9. Watch Movie

Check out your list and tick out the movies that you’ve already watched. Then surely you’ll come out with several other movies that you’ve been dying to watch but couldn’t steal time to watch it. Well, now you’ve got the time. Grab your popcorn, and wrap yourself with your cozy blanket and get set go with your preferred actors.

10. The Final Countdown

Now, the time has come. People all over the world waiting eagerly for the clock to tick 12 and to toast the upcoming year. Shouting, dancing on their vodka shots and doing so much. You, on the other hand, sitting on your warm bed, having the tasty dinner that you specially made for yourself and wine to make your experience exceptional, watching your favorite movie. Awwww… how refreshing it will be?

Hope that my ideas are enough to get you through any sort of weariness and gives you enough that you wanted. A new year is like a blank book, you don’t know what twists and turns this year holds for you but it totally up to you to write a vivid story in it. I wish you to be surrounded by dense forest of love and lots of divine blessings throughout the next year. Wish you and your loved ones A very warming cheerful new year.


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