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I left social media and got my life back

Since the last few months, I’ve been living 26 hours a day. Do you know why? Well, the reason is pretty clear. I’ve quite social media and it did not isolate me from the world rather took my intimacy to the upper level. And, of course, gave me a chance to enjoy my life on my own taste rather than worrying about likes or followers.

I quit facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also Pinterest one year back. Though theoretically, My one year span has not yet completed but practically I’m towards it. I had so many friends, so many followers, I was on my way to reach 1000 followers on Instagram but there is something that made me quit.

What Is It ??

Well, currently I’m a college student. So, my fever for my social accounts was the first thing on my mind, when I wake up and the last thing before going to bed. I usually spend 12 hours a day on social accounts on average. I wasn’t a social butterfly though.

I didn’t remember the time lapse but approximately a few months back I began to face certain problems.

Very common but the origin was undiagnosed. The primary problem I faced is the Lose of concentration on any particular task and surprised, I was unable to hold my focus on usual entertainment videos too. Followed by headache as of sure, insomnia, irritated mood, depressions, tension, stress and lots of other problems. I wasn’t aware that why these problems are hooking up with me?

Initially, I assumed that it might be because of stress so I began to work upon my stress factor. I began to take intervals between my studies and classes. And, on the contrary, guess what I did during my intervals? Well, pretty obvious I indulged myself on Facebook and Instagram, the mastermind of my problems, and I’m seeking their help to get rid of it. It has never struck me that my all-time companion is the root of my major problems. Quite, after a long time, My neck arthritis got serious. And, I was losing consciousness. I consulted a doctor, I was prescribed medicines and lots of exercises(neck exercises) but it actually gave me temporary help.

Once I was surfing through my Youtube home page and a thumbnail caught my sight.

TEDx youtube videos
Dr. Cal Newport

Cal Newport is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. In addition to studying the theoretical foundations of our digital age, Newport also writes about the impact of these technologies on the world of work. His most recent book, Deep Work, argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the modern workplace and that the ability to concentrate without distraction is becoming increasingly valuable. He previously wrote So Well They Can’t Ignore You, a book which debunks the long-held belief that “follow your passion” is good advice, and three popular books of unconventional advice for students. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference.

And, then it struck me that YEAH !!! This can be the reason why I’m not curing? Why my several attempts are failing.

And, my battle began. I disabled my facebook account, deleted my public Instagram account, deleted my twitter account and deactivated my Pinterest account. Cut off all my digital social strings. And, imbibed some new hobbies.

1. Blogging

The first hobby that got me is Blogging. It gave me a wonderful source of satisfaction that I really had no idea before. I got to learn the various techniques of web designing, creating and first and foremost writing up something to help people out. It also taught me to be observant throughout my surroundings coz a blog content can be generated from anywhere. It totally depends on how you’re taking it.

2. Reading

Reading, my second hobby. Studies have shown, reading books can stimulate your brain and can slow the progress of Alzheimer and Dementia. Stress Reduction, Ocean of Knowledge, Vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger thinking skills, and most importantly it improves focus and concentration also enhance your writing skills. So, what more do you need to read your first book? The first book I read is The other side of Midnight by Sydney Sheldon and then it continues.

3. Old Friends

Hook up with your old friends. Gossip with them. Rather than exchanging comments under any picture posted. Revive the old memories that you want to cherish. Studies proved that long gossip with old friends is always better than any therapy. And, most importantly, it’ll make them feel special like: “Wow… Anirnita remembered me still, after such a long time”.

4. Family Time

Spending time with your family. What was the last time you sat with your family and chatted something funny over a cup of coffee? If you didn’t remember then, Surely, You need this. Sit with your parents and siblings, talk with them, go out with them, rather than posting their picture in social accounts on fathers day or mothers day.

How my Life change after?

Well, though it sounds easy, honestly to follow this regime was not at all easy. During those days I always felt that I’m losing everything. I’m getting detached from everyone. No one will remember me. And, the most disturbing was that No one wished me on my birthday excepting few. It was like hell to me. I chose many times to get back, to start where I left but then I would lose the battle. Yes, actually it was a battle against me. First, one month was the hardest for me. But, as days pass I became habituated with this. And, to my utter surprise, my problems were healing. Initially, my mood used to be very disturbed, I became violent in any small argument. But, now I learned to deal with it. The most important factor that worked on me is that MY ANXIETY. Their many peoples in my friend list/follow list whom I don’t envy but their success used to give me a sense of inferiority. I don’t know why but I began to compare myself with them that “Oh, Look at me! I’m so backward from them. I’m a loser. Good for nothing. God Help me”

This was common in me.

But, presently I’m chilled. I’m working everything my own way out.

Now, I can say that I’m a happy person. And, I can realize why I didn’t get any wishes on my birthday. Just because, the people who used to wish me didn’t actually remember my birthday. They used to wish me based on notifications that used to pop up on their screen on the day. Last birthday, I got near about 10 wishes and real wishes not from the sake of any social accounts. I really loved it. I learn the difference between the real and fake. Or, More specifically the “so-called-friends”.

Currently, I created my new Instagram account but private one having around 90 followers including my close friends and relatives. Yes, Relatives, I do have relatives too.

I barely
spend hours on it. Coz, I get bored while scrolling up and down the homepage.

Facebook friends, Instagram followers really boost our social demands but do you really think that those are necessary? Social media account’s motive is to sustain our public relationships rather than ruining it. We have so many friends over there, we chat, we like their photos as well as tagged them memes too. But, when we bumped into them on the road we barely talk to them properly or perhaps a small preliminary exchanges.

So, on the note of ending the conversation, I do a simple request that calculates the timings that you spend on your social networking sites and also Tell me that how many real friends do you’ve over there?  The people you’re tagging photos and memes do they really deserve it?


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